Business Services

Corporate Finance

we can arrange finance for;

Leasing & Equipment Finance – If you want to expand your business, add an extra production line or buy a new large piece of equipment. – We can help.

Invoice Discounting – If you want to have access to the funds tied up in your outstanding invoices quicker than you normally do. – We can help.

Commercial Mortgages – If your business rents the space you currently use, we can help you purchase it. Which often would make the cost cheaper and/or more tax efficient.

Company Vehicle Finance – If your business wants to increase the size of, or replace the current vehicles with new ones, we can help to arrange competitive finance for you, saving your company money.

Development Finance – If you are looking to develop a property or properties and looking for competitive finance – We can help.

Bridging Finance – If you are looking for temporary finance until a more permanent solution is available – We can help.

None of the services on this page are regulated by the FCA